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The brutal summer sun, sudden drops in temperature and occasional thunderstorms take their toll on our sprinkler systems. If your watering system stops working, your entire landscape can quickly show signs of stress—sometimes before you even realize you have a problem. When it comes to sprinkler repair, you can depend on us to diagnose and fix any issues that might keep outdoor spaces from being well-hydrated and looking their best.


There is nothing worse than a broken sprinkler head on the hottest day of the year. Your garden and landscape need that water, but who are you to call on such short notice? Thankfully, On Hand Lawn Care provides exceptional quality sprinkler repair. Our highly-trained and experienced technicians know just what to look for. We’ll spot the problem and repair it that very day.

Malfunctioning sprinkler heads can shift up above the ground. A mower at its lowest setting will not hit or damage a head if it is properly installed and working correctly. We do recommend getting sprinkler systems checked every year.

In addition to sprinkler repair, our technicians specialize in sprinkler system tune-ups, maintenance, reroutes, and more! If you have a pesky sprinkler system issue, our irrigation specialists will fix or replace the problem quickly!




Key Benefits of the Service

Here are a few benefits of regular trimming and pruning.

Saves you water and time
Reduces weed growth
Improves plant growth
Preserves soil nutrients