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We offer a pet waste removal service for our continuing lawn care customers. We strive to keep your entire yard green and looking beautiful. The pet waste removal service is available as a weekly or bi-weekly package and is added to your scheduled lawn care service visit.

Dog waste in the warm summer months can be unpleasant with heat and humidity increasing the pungent smell. Our lawn crew will scan your entire yard, scoop up any pet waste that is found and remove it from your property.


The parasites and pests found in and around dog waste thrive in warmer temperatures and become most active and aggressive during the summer months.  It can also spread infection and other diseases. When children play in the yard, these parasites can be easily tracked into your home.

Dog waste isn’t fertilizer, it can kill grass and plants. It is very acidic, and its PH level will chemically burn and destroy plants, grass, and anything else growing in your yard.

Pet waste also destroys lawn equipment. Being highly acidic and of unusual consistency, it can attach itself to inner workings of machinery and cause premature breakdown.


Just a few of the potential parasites commonly found in feces from “healthy” pet feces include:

  • Roundworms: the most common type of parasite found in pets, particularly puppies. They can infect humans as well and cause vomiting and diarrhea.
  • Hookworms: parasitic organisms that can be picked up from infected soil. They can infect dogs as well as puppies still in the womb.
  • Coccidia: one-celled parasites that multiply in the intestinal tracts of dogs and cats. They are spread through fecal matter and may have fatal consequences.
  • Giardia: parasites that live in soil, food and water and on surfaces contaminated with waste. These frequently cause diarrhea and cramps.
  • Parvovirus: a serious virus transmitted through contact with feces. It is contagious for up to 12 months and can be fatal for dogs.


Key Benefits of the Service

Keep your pets and kids safe from harmful bacteria in dog poop
Environmental concerns
Protect your lawn
It’s the law
Common courtesy

Contact On Hand Lawn Care now to learn more and add pet waste removal to your lawn care package!