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As the seasons change, so can your landscape with bursts of seasonal color! Color enhances your home’s appearance while making an impact throughout the year. It is exciting to change your color scheme with an eye-catching plant pallet of annuals, perennials, shrubbery, and trees.  We can transform your outdoor space with the soft colors that usher in Spring/Summer, and rich colors of Fall/Winter.


What makes one house stand out from the others is usually the landscape and how it is cared for. One way to get the most curb appeal out of your landscape is to have seasonal flowers installed. Seasonal flowers add color to your flower beds at an affordable price.

Seasonal flower installation outlines your flowerbeds with seasonal color. We prepare the soil using hand tillers or shovels depending on the size of your flowerbed. We prepare the soil for planting with a slow release fertilizer to create the optimal growing environment for your new flowers. Then we install your seasonal flowers. The colors and options for flowers vary by season and local availability, you can contact our office to determine what flowers are available when you're ready to have your seasonal flowers installed.


Adding new mulch to your flowerbed helps clay soils retain the moisture that otherwise, will drain away quickly. Every soil type receives beneficial nutrients as organic mulches break down.  In the heat and dry months, fresh mulch is a necessity to prevent soil erosion, retain moisture for flowers, control pests, and keep your flower bed looking beautiful. Ask us about installing bark mulch to your flower bed


Key Benefits of the Service

Adding seasonal flowers increases the beauty of your property and curb appeal.

During the process of photosynthesis, the flower's leaves absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Additionally, planting flowers can help to hold soil in its proper place, reducing erosion and flooding.