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The key to a great looking yard is healthy grass. Using only the highest quality materials available on the market and our best workmanship, we will install a brand new lawn that looks like a million bucks. We offer very competitive rates.


  • Complete removal of old turf and weeds
  • Preparation of your soil – grading/tilling
  • Nutrient rich top soil and compost added when needed
  • Sod installed correctly and evenly on lawn and drum rolled
  • Our crews will water the sod well


We have the following three types of sod available, which are great for North Texas lawns:

  • St. Augustine – Very popular due to lush green appearance.  Prefers shade, not direct sun.  Requires a moderate amount of watering.
  • Bermuda – Survives very well in full sun.  Handles foot traffic the best and requires least amount of watering of the 3 grass types.
  • Zoysia – High performing grass type.  Does well in sun or shade.  Requires the most amount of watering.
St. Augustine
Prefers shade, not direct sun
Survives very well in full sun
Does well in sun or shade

Don’t worry!  We will help you choose the right type of grass for your lawn. When you request a quote we will contact you and discuss in more detail. Pricing differs depending on the grass type you choose.



Key Benefits of the Service

A sod lawn produces a finished lawn immediately and it is instantly attractive.
A sod lawn is healthier because it is grown professionally.
Sod makes for a denser lawn.
Sod has no weeds.
Sod prevents soil erosion.
Sod helps control dust.