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Trimming or thinning of your trees, shrubs, bushes or ground cover is necessary in a well-kept lawn. Our experienced crews know exactly what your shrubs need and when. Our trimming services can give your property a beautiful, clean look—while ensuring that your shrubs look incredible when spring comes around again!

Trimming allows your plant to grow healthy and retain its natural shape. It promotes fresh growth, more flowers, and an overall stronger shrub.


While one of the primary services that our lawn care company does is making grass look great and getting rid of weeds, your shrubs and trees are also an important element of your yard. After all, it can be hard to see that gorgeous green grass through clumps of dead branches! But at On Hand Lawn Care, we have the solution. Choose us for shrub and tree trimming from one of our experts with over two decades of experience.


Key Benefits of the Service

Here are a few benefits of regular trimming and pruning.

Control the size of your plants
Cleaning and shaping of your plants, especially important for bushes and hedges
Promotes thicker and fuller growth from the areas cut
Pruning removes diseased, dying, and stray/irregular branches