Exceptional Lawn Care Services
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They say that you’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression. It’s especially true when it comes to your flowerbeds and having an amazing curb appeal. We can create beautiful flowerbeds and maintain them throughout the year with seasonal flower changes and flowerbed maintenance.


We offer a monthly flowerbed maintenance program that consists of trimming shrubs and pulling weeds. It takes up time and energy and is also more complex than it may seem. It involves a lot of elbow grease and getting down and dirty. Of course, it is great to let On Hand Lawn Care do the hard work while you leisurely enjoy the beautiful, maintained flower bed.

Our experts will take care of all the hard work and make your property look picture perfect.


Key Benefits of the Service

  Keeps your flower beds looking beautiful
  Controls weeds from blocking sunlight and stealing water from flowers
 Helps to keep insects and disease away from flowers
  The cleaning and shaping of your plants is especially important for bushes and hedges
Promotes thicker and fuller growth from the areas trimmed on shrubs