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Adding new mulch to your landscaping helps clay soils retain the moisture that otherwise, will drain away quickly. Every soil type receives beneficial nutrients as organic mulches break down.  In the heat and dry months, fresh mulch is a necessity to prevent soil erosion, retain moisture for flowers, control pests, and keep your flower bed looking beautiful.



Adding mulch to your flower beds is an effective form of weed control and it is one of the best treatments you can use to protect the health and beauty of your landscape. On Hand Lawn Care applying mulch will have your lawn turning into a thing of beauty in no time!

So, is mulch necessary? Yes. Do you need fresh mulch every year in Texas? Yes. Do we consider mulch a must-have? Absolutely, if you want to take care of your lawn as an asset and preserve the value of your landscape.

About 3 inches of mulch is recommended for flower beds. We recommend adding mulch twice a year and it’s important to remove as much of the old layers as possible before we add more.


Mulch improves how flower beds look by creating a rich, dark background that gives flowers more pop and makes the property look more polished and defined. We offer black, red or dark brown colors.

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Key Benefits of the Service

Many people think that mulching is just a method for controlling weeds, but it’s actually one of the best ways to achieve an attractive and damage-resistant lawn. A few of the benefits of mulching include:

  Mulch helps hold in soil moisture in hot Texas lawns
  Mulch prevents erosion in the soil
  Mulch minimizes compaction during the rainy season
Mulch helps to keep an even temperature in the soil
Mulch can increase the number of nutrients in the soil
Mulch helps your landscape maintain an even and attractive appearance